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Who We Are

The Millbrook Independent was founded to provide a voice for our community. We have a deep appreciation for how democracy works: sometimes messy, often slow, and at times frustrating. However, the process is what counts. A community newspaper is essential to that process.

We strive to inform and to report; we encourage commentary by citizens and our leaders; we seek a broad range of opinion on subjects of importance.

The author of Hunter S. Thompson: Fear, Loathing, and the Birth of Gonzo (2016), Russell Banks: In Search for Freedom (2010) and Tom Wolfe’s America: Heroes, Pranksters, & Fools (2009), which won an Outstanding Academic Title award from the American Library Association in 2010. Kevin is also the author of two major poetry collections, The Enclosed Garden and Longing, which has been translated into French and Japanese. He is the Poet Laureate of Smithfield Valley. His principal interest is in music.
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senior reporter, has worked extensively in radio, television, film, print and events production. She produced for The Body Human series on CBS, OMNI-The New Frontier on ABC, as well as documentaries and feature films. In the Hudson Valley she co-produced the first five Amenia World Peace Festivals, served as Media Specialist for Clearwater and has written articles for print that have been published in Omni, Dutchess Magazine, Lapis Journal and purchased by The New York Times Magazine. She has headed up many environmental stewardship projects in the Harlem Valley.
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is a veteran Web Developer now stationed in the geographical center of the badlands of Wyoming. The Offices, and Research Labs, of his company, Wyoming Web Works, are located directly across from an antique, many-acre industrial site which processes sugar beets.