by Carola Lott

There are horsemen and there are riders. They are not always the same thing. The horseman looks after his horse and puts its wellbeing ahead of anything else. A rider gets on his horse after it has been tacked up, and when he is done, hands him to a groom.

Peter Wylde, who recently moved to Winley Stable on Little Rest Road, is not only a champion rider at the pinnacle of his profession...

On Friday, August 30, the Millbrook High School volleyball team won its first game of the 2013 season, beating New Paltz, 25–4, 25–25 and 25–7. 

The girl volleyballers are still aware that last year they won the Section 9 Class C title and had an undefeated season, a feat that continues to inspire their competitive spirit.  That spirit showed Friday afternoon. 

by Carola Lott


When I was recently invited on a fishing trip to the Big Hole River in Montana, I was thrilled but also somewhat dismayed. When I last fished, some years ago, I was too inept to catch anything but young and foolish fish, often smaller than my fly. In desperation I turned to that splendid Millbrook resource, the Orvis Sandanona Fly Fishing School. 

Almost every week...

by Carola Lott

W. Cothran “Cot” Campbell, owner of this year’s Belmont winner, Palace Malice, regaled a crowd Friday evening at a Mashomack’s Artists and Explorers and Writers evening. 

Speaking with self deprecating humor in a honeyed Southern drawl Campbell declared “no human ever lived a more unorthodox life than me.” He “never graduated from elementary school, high school or college although...

by Arvolyn Hill

Tackles, punts, offense, defense, the 50-yard line: all these terms have become relevant again as the fall football season gears up. But for the Millbrook High School Varsity football team, this language is important all year round.  

Head coach Sean Keenan said that the team started lifhting weights in January, and by spring they continued conditioning. The Monday after July 4,...

On Sunday the Millbrook Horse Trials ended four days of rigorous competition in 13 divisions that brought five hundred horses to Millbrook from all over the East Coast and Canada. The competition was keenest at the top, where Olympic riders were competing against scores of aspiring Olympians.  

The Advanced Division

Perfection won out when Laine Ashker, from Richmond,...

On Friday Millbrook’s youth baseball team played CSSK, a conglomerate team of Cornwall, Sharon, Salisbury, and Kent, at home. Both teams are part of the Colonial League, a youth league consisting of teams in western Connecticut and Dutchess County. The league is for players between the ages of 12 and 17. The Millbrook team leans toward the younger side. 

In 2011 Scott Meyer, owner...