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Letters To The Editor

What happened to hope?
by Jim Flaherty in Letters To The Editor
Wed Nov 1st, 2017

Has our world changed that much? Golly, the Muslims fill their Mosques? And in South America the churches are filled to capacity. I grew up in a small town in...

by Robert Riemer in Letters To The Editor
Fri Nov 4th, 2016

A beautiful sunny day, a little on the cool side, I decided I would take a leisurely bicycle ride. I started out in Amenia taking a ride to Millerton having...

by Terry Gipson in Letters To The Editor
Fri Oct 14th, 2016

To the Editor: 

Everyone agrees that corruption in Albany is a serious problem. This past year was one of the worst years for corruption on record, as former Senate President...

by Leo Blackman of Wassaic in Letters To The Editor
Mon Oct 3rd, 2016

I understand the anger of Trump supporters. They’ve lost jobs and homes. Incomes have declined. No one was punished for the financial collapse. And Congress is too busy squabbling to...

by Skip Barber of Lakeville, Conn. in Letters To The Editor
Mon Aug 8th, 2016

To the editor, 

Responding to Antonia Shoumatoff’s August 2 story, “Noise and Nuisance: How Lime Rock and Amenia are responding,” it’s important to point out two things that were not reported.

by Michael Chamberlin of Amenia, NY in Letters To The Editor
Mon Apr 11th, 2016

To the Editor:

New York Republicans have a rare opportunity in the April 19 Presidential Primary to influence the course of history. This opportunity carries with it a responsibility to...

by Janet M. Reagon of Wassaic in Letters To The Editor
Sat Mar 19th, 2016

Bravo to the cast, crew and musicians of 42nd Street for a wonderful production.  It was an exciting, polished showcase for the extraordinary talent of the students of Webutuck.  ...

by Richard Perkins in Letters To The Editor
Sun Mar 6th, 2016

Does the County need a new jail?  That’s a debatable question, and one that is best left for discussion at some future time when Dutchess County’s economy is healthy, and...