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by Our Man in Wyoming in Features
Mon Nov 14th, 2016

Within Wyoming, the Shoshone Indian Reservation occupies more square miles than Delaware, and nearly as many as Connecticut. The settlement the Shoshones received was in some ways not as onerous...

Webcast at the World Peace Sanctuary, Amenia
by Antonia Shoumatoff in Features
Wed Oct 26th, 2016

Friends of peace joined in heartfelt prayers with online viewers on October 22 to uplift the heart and soul of America by calling for peace to prevail in each of the 50 US...

by George Kaye in Features
Wed Sep 28th, 2016

Art Centro occupies a small brick townhouse on Poughkeepsie’s Main Street with inviting colored trim.  Stepping inside, we find ourselves in a brightly lit ceramics studio. Potter’s wheels are arrayed...

by Antonia Shoumatoff in Features
Mon Sep 26th, 2016

Amidst blaring Tibetan ceremonial trumpets, piles of colorful sacred prayer scrolls, and the distinctive presence of a 32-foot high statue of the Buddha Maitreya, the formal dedication of a new center...

by Stephen Kaye in Features
Sun Sep 25th, 2016

Photos from Italy by Stephen Kaye

We ran into Marie Antoinette's brother Joseph (Joseph II) whose hat caused a stir at the Court in Genova. He certainly evokes an imperial...

by Our Web Mechanic in Features
Sat Sep 24th, 2016

The Millbrook Independent's new Facebook site is up, please visit us at:


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Please update your browser bookmarks so you have the correct site. The old...

by Stephen Kaye in Features
Sat Sep 24th, 2016

Photos by Stephen Kaye

The Duke of Savoy's summer houses had columns, but some went missing when Napoleon's army stopped by


by Stephen Kaye in Features
Thu Sep 22nd, 2016

We were bidden to a garden. We left Turin at eight and headed towards the Alps and the pointed peaks gleaming white. The garden was in a country estate of...