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by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Sun Aug 9th, 2015

July 10-There are lots of potential impacts associated with the ongoing changes in global climate, and changes in the distribution of vegetation are among them. Most plant species have adapted...

by Tonia Shoumatoff in Environment
Tue Aug 4th, 2015

Combining art and science may seem like a new idea, but the two are intrinsically interlinked and are complementary. Natural pigmentation can be a learning tool for studying science.  Extracting...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Mon Aug 3rd, 2015

August 4. 2014
Environmentalists can be a depressing lot. Nothing seems to be good in their world. Too many people, no clean water, global warming, rising seas...

by Diane Engleke in Environment
Mon Aug 3rd, 2015

This Green Heron is fishing in an almost dry pond. The bird will sometimes use twigs to lure in fish.
Dianne Engleke is an artist, photographer and naturalist living...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Fri Jul 31st, 2015

Mercury has always held fascination for humans. Its red sulfide ore is known by the romantic name of cinnabar. Mercury metal, which we played with as kids in the 1950s,...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Sun Jul 26th, 2015

July 27, 2015- I have a confession to make. I have always spent a lot of time outdoors, doing field work and bird watching. But, I don’t like to be...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Wed Jul 22nd, 2015

July 23- For fear of neighborhood child-molesters, drug pushers, tick-borne disease, and melanoma, parents across the nation are more comfortable knowing their children are playing computer games and surfing the internet than spending...

Thu Jul 16th, 2015

Felicia Keesing of Bard and Richard Ostfeld of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies write in the current issue of Science that indeed biodiversity seems to reduce the incidence of...