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Wed Sep 16th, 2015

Septembr 17: An alliance of environmental organizations and student groups will celebrate a National Day of Action on Saturday, October 2.   Know Tomorrow is a student-led campaign to demand...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Mon Sep 14th, 2015

September 15, 2015- There is little waste in a natural ecosystem. When essential plant nutrients such as nitrogen are taken up by plants, they are returned to the soil when the...

by TMI staff in Environment
Mon Sep 14th, 2015

On Saturday, September 26, The Dutchess County Ducks Unlimited Chapter will hold its Great Swamp Shoot and Conservation Program at Tamarack Preserve in Millbrook. Proceeds from this fundraising event will...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Sun Sep 13th, 2015

September 14, 2015-
There is probably no word more overused in environmental vocabulary
than “sustainability.” Universities have sustainability officers. Fisheries biologists and foresters talk of maximum sustainable yields....

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Sun Sep 6th, 2015

September 7, 2015
There is no dry land at the North Pole and under much of the Arctic ice pack. The ocean there is covered with ice, known as...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Mon Aug 31st, 2015

Lead has played a role in human society for thousands of years. Romans made pipes of it. Medievalists made goblets of it. Armies made bullets of it. Artists and builders...

Fri Aug 28th, 2015

For a fascinating account about architect extraordinaire, Alan Shope, by Tom Parrett please go to our environment page.  For many years Shope, who recently spoke at the Cary Institute, designed...

by Tom Parrett in Environment
Thu Aug 27th, 2015

August 28, 2015: It’s not unusual for an architect to be a philosopher or theoretician and also a fine writer and speaker. Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Rem Koolhaas...