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by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Wed Jul 8th, 2015

July 9-When you buy organically grown vegetables, you expect that they have been produced without the use of artificial (industrial) fertilizer and pesticides. And, you expect that they are not...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Tue Jun 23rd, 2015

June 24- So are the thoughts of vast numbers of cats, both domestic and feral, that are allowed to roam in nature.

A wide variety of studies have documented the...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Tue Jun 16th, 2015

Once I thought of the ocean as infinite. The constancy of seawater was taken for granted.  But, now as we see evidence of increasing concentrations of mercury in seawater, if...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Wed Jun 10th, 2015

Bill Schlesinger’s post which follows reports that the House of Representatives, on the motion of Rep.Jeff Dunan of South Carolina, adopted an amendment by voice vote that prevents the federal...

by TMI staff in Environment
Tue Jun 9th, 2015

Over 240 students from 17 regional schools plus home schoolers are taking part in the Hudson Data Jam Expo at Marist College this Saturday, June 13 from 2-4 p.m.  Judges...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Sun Jun 7th, 2015

Along with carbon dioxide, a suite of other gases absorb infra-red radiation that is leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, causing global warming.  Methane is one of those gases.  Methane is composed...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Tue Jun 2nd, 2015

No one likes pests:  mosquitoes at your barbeque, termites in your basement, caterpillars on your garden vegetables and field crops.  In the past 70 years, the chemical industry has developed...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Thu May 28th, 2015

I’ve been recycling since I was in grade school in the late 1950s. As a school project, we collected and sorted newspapers and magazines.  In college, we recycled aluminum cans....