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Urban growth and energy consumption
by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Tue Dec 15th, 2015

Sprawl follows the growth of cities worldwide. An estimated 54% of us now live in urban areas, which are expected to grow dramatically in the next few decades. Prudential

by Dianne Engleke in Environment
Mon Dec 14th, 2015

Holiday decorations, Sycamore-style, along the Housatonic River

But not right here?
by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Tue Dec 8th, 2015

When large wind energy are proposed—offshore Nantucket or in eastern Maine, there is often immediate objection from the neighbors.   This is a classic case of NIMBY—the “not in my backyard”...

by Dianne Engleke in Environment
Mon Dec 7th, 2015

Growing fast, a fall British White calf at Jason Culver's Farmscapes in Millerton

by Joel Ernst in Environment
Sun Dec 6th, 2015

The photo is of the hoar frost on the poultry netting around our vegetable garden this morning, so the hexagonal shapes are from the poultry netting and the frost formed...

Think twice about snow
by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Wed Dec 2nd, 2015

Soon the snow will fly. And chances are good that you will find yourself behind a truck spreading salt on the roads in an attempt to deice them. Chances are...

Tue Dec 1st, 2015

On Friday, December 11 at 7 p.m. the Cary Institute is presenting the National Geographic documentary, Warlords of Ivory. Each year, more than 30,000 elephants are illegally killed for their...

by Dianne Engleke in Environment
Mon Nov 30th, 2015

Elegant omnivores, Ring-billed Gulls will dine anywhere from the beach to the fast food parking lot to the compost dump.