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Local Activists help build the Climate Ribbon Tree
by Antonia Shoumatoff in Environment
Tue Feb 2nd, 2016

Two climate change activists from the Watershed Center in Millerton, Walter Hergt and L.J. Amsterdam reported on their experience at the Paris COP 21 Climate Change conference at the Watershed...

Thu Jan 28th, 2016

Recently we asked Dr. Joshua Ginsberg, president of the Cary Institute, for his thoughts about the Paris climate change accord, or the Paris Agreement, signed by 195 nations in December....

by Dianne Engleke in Environment
Tue Jan 26th, 2016

This Coopworth/Finn lamb was born to Lucerne, a Coopworth ewe. They live at Dashing Star Farm, owned and operated by Lynn Mordas in the Coleman Station Historic District, Town of North East,...

Copper as limited resource
by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Tue Jan 26th, 2016

When it comes to non-renewable resources, depletion of the world’s oil always catches our attention. A few years ago, resource economists predicted that we’d pass the peak of oil

Nature is better
by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Wed Jan 20th, 2016

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.

--Joyce Kilmer, 1913

More and more frequently I hear about ecosystem restoration—the attempt to reestablish

by Dianne Engleke in Environment
Mon Jan 18th, 2016

This male Red-bellied Woodpecker knows where to find food in all seasons, from seed and suet in feeders to insects, spiders, nuts and cones. The red on the belly is a faint...

by Bill Schlesinger in Environment
Fri Jan 15th, 2016

As the world’s nations embrace a low-carbon future, it is easy to envision renewed interest in the nuclear option.   After all, nuclear power produces no CO2 emissions beyond those associated with...

by Dianne Engleke in Environment
Mon Jan 11th, 2016

The Cooper's Hawk preys mainly on small birds, and is a frequent diner around bird feeders in winter. This hawk was sitting on the fence of my horses' paddock, keeping...