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Book Reviews

by Richard Engel
Mid-East Madness
Reviewed by Stephen Kaye
Thu Mar 31st, 2016

And Then All Hell Broke Loose, By Richard Engel, Simon and Schuster, 2016

Is this a story about 20 years in the life of a journalist, or is it the story of the Middle East? It is a bit of both. It starts with as excellent a synopsis (of the background to the Iraq War and the Arab...

by James L. Buckley
Reviewed by Stephen Kaye
Mon Mar 14th, 2016

This book, purchased at a Sharon Library book festival, sat on my shelf partially read. Before clearing it out for a library book sale, I picked it up and here jot down insights from one of America’s most prominent conservatives. 

Chapter Two, In Sum, A Political Credo contains the...

by George Quasha
Reviewed by Kevin T. McEneaney
Mon Mar 14th, 2016

While the title of this book is unlikely to attract a casual book browser, the contents of the book brim with witty aphorisms: “The trouble with paradise is that you never want to be away from home.” His pithy observations arrive both as sentences and thought-fragments that run in thematic...

by Jeffrey L Amestoy
Reviewed by Stephen Kaye
Fri Feb 12th, 2016

A recent biography of a mid 19th century lawyer may be an unlikely prospect for a great book, but Amestoy did not have to play the odds.  He has a sure winner when he chose the author of Two Years Before the Mast for a biography. What happened after those two years is...