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Previous TMI Podcasts

August 17, 2016
Stephen Kaye: Nick Gordon from Music Mountain has offered to stage contemporary music if a sponsor can be found. Few people get to hear 20th century music despite its merit.
July 27, 2016
Antonia Shoumatoff: An exploration of a nature conservancy, the Roger Perry preserve in Dover Plains, an anomolous landscape in Duchess County. Fine white sand protrusions from dissolved sandstone. Unusual flora and fauna.
Stephen Kaye: The Perry site is not easy to find. Rte 44 Delaverne Hill overlook is under construction. It's quite shocking right now.
July 20, 2016
Antonia Shoumatoff: Kevin T. McEneaney is interviewed about his new book, "Hunter Thompson Fear, Loathing and the Birth of Gonzo".
July 13, 2016
Stephen Kaye: The estimate for the new East Clinton firehouse is 22 million dollars. Most of the fire companies in the area are volunteers. There is no body or authority overseeing things. It is a non-functional democracy. There are far fewer fires to fight currently.
July 6, 2016
Stephen Kaye: A major two-part article about a local grass fed dairy farm, written by Tracy Frisch.
Antonia Shoumatoff: The Hidden Gardens tour is back this year. A new Japanese type garden has been built overlooking the former Lake Amenia.
June 29, 2016
Antonia Shoumatoff: Dr. Gene Likens, who coined the term, Acid Rain forty years ago, spoke at Carey Institute and received a three-minute standing ovation. He has written five books and changed how we view air pollution.
Stephen Kaye: Zephyr Teachout and John Faso won by lanslides in the 19th Congressional District primaries. Democrats heavily outvoted the Republicans.