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Pamela Peeters a Belgian with a passion for nature

Pamela Peeters with "Save the Future" on Cousteau's boat which sailed from France to the U.N. with 5 million signatures asking for sustainability to be a basic human right

Pamela Peeters was born in Antwerp, Belgium and came to the United States on July 4th 1999. Her father had a lifelong career at Proctor and Gamble so Pamela was more Americanized than most of her Belgian friends. She has promoted many sustainable businesses such as the Smart Car, Elicio's small windmills and DEME's land reclamation projects.  We interviewed her recently:

What’s wrong with Romance?

The Bard College Conservatory of Music presented an all-Romantic program on Sunday afternoon with fog swirling about Sosnoff Theater. They opened with Czech composer Vitӗzslav Novák’s In the Tatra Mountains (1907), a late Romantic landscape tableaux in the vein of Alexander Borodin’s In the Steppes of Central Asia (1880). Rich in melodies reminiscent of Rimski-Korsakov, Novák painted threatening clouds, then an enormous tempest, the conclusion mercifully bathing in peaceful sunlight. Evocative and short, this warm-up piece set a pleasant mood.

Oblong Books & Music

Oblong Books & Music began as Oblong Books & Records in Millerton, NY in October 1975. In 2001 we opened a second location in Rhinebeck. We are proud to have the largest independent book and music stores in the Hudson Valley.

Merritt Books

The Merritt Bookstore is woven into the fabric of the Mid-Hudson Valley. Without our store, where would organizations, schools, artists, writers, teachers, libraries and non-profits go for donations, and the support of our Upstairs Gallery space? Where would adults and young people find meaningful business participation? 


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