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Four Hands, Six Fingers at Hotchkiss

Leonel Morales

The Hotchkiss School, famous for its music program, both in-house and abroad, as well as its concert programs, has recently been showcasing fabulous Russian pianism. Cuban-born Leonel Morales elegantly graced and alternatively dug, swept, or thrashed the delicate Italian piano last Saturday night in such a moving performance that I feel reduced to pounding out clichés on my laptop keyboard.

Proust & Music at Bard

Sarah Rothenberg

On Sunday Bard College offered a free preview of A Proust Sonata: 7 tableaux en musique at the LUMA Theater. Conceived and directed by Sarah Rothenberg, who plays the piano during this dramatic mix of music and monologue on the life of Marcel Proust, with a script lifted from excerpts of Proust’s poems and his masterpiece In Search of Lost Time (as well as the memoirs of Celeste Albaret, Monsieur Proust), we witness memorial hagiography of writer as martyr to the profession of scribbling ink.

Wassaic Taxpayers Shocked at New Ambulance Tax

At  the Fire Commissioners meeting at the Wassaic Fire House on January 14, confused residents came out to find out why their taxes are jumping astronomically and what they will be getting for it.  The increase of the Fire Department Tax is 171.7% due to a new contract for free 24-hour ambulance services with on-call paramedics.  It only covers the Wassaic Fire District, roughly the lower half of Amenia.


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