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Why Trump?

Mon Oct 3rd, 2016

I understand the anger of Trump supporters. They’ve lost jobs and homes. Incomes have declined. No one was punished for the financial collapse. And Congress is too busy squabbling to help. The system is not working for them.
I just don’t understand how Donald Trump is a solution. He's a billionaire who has never cared for anyone but himself. He doesn’t pay his taxes or give to charity. Trump managed to walk away intact from the bankruptcies of his casinos, while his porters and plumbers and maids went unpaid. How can this man be anyone's savior?
What he HAS done, is supply a target for people’s fears and anger. The problem is not the cheating and advantages of rich guys like him, and the greed of the .01%. No, blame it on our black president, and our female former Secretary of State. It is Mexican and Muslim immigrants, and anyone with dark skin. This is exactly the method bullies use to gain power – stir up hatred for a minority (Jews 1930’s, Croats or Tutsis 1990’s).
Should it not scare all Americans that Mr. Trump has awakened the hopes of White Nationalists and the Klan (pushing us back towards the violence and discrimination of 100 years ago)? Has expressed admiration for foreign dictators (Russia, N.Korea), but has dismissed our allies? Has banished reporters who don’t say nice things about him? Has insulted women and veterans? Has sent out hateful tweets at 3am?
Is this really the person to lead our country? To represent freedom and justice to the rest of the world? To be a role model for children? I’m ashamed and afraid so many voters think so.
Leo Blackman
74 Old Route 22
Wassaic NY 12592