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Clarification about Lime Rock Sunday Events

Mon Aug 8th, 2016

To the editor, 

Responding to Antonia Shoumatoff’s August 2 story, “Noise and Nuisance: How Lime Rock and Amenia are responding,” it’s important to point out two things that were not reported.
First, the story failed to tell the readers exactly how many Sunday afternoons Lime Rock is asking for. Without that number, a reader can’t be faulted for deducing it might be every Sunday, which is not the case.
The number of Sunday afternoons Lime Rock Park is asking for is two.
Our asking for two Sundays afternoons would not materially increase the total number of noisy hours. For example, one of the two Sunday afternoons would be used for Sunday of Memorial Day weekend: We would take the nine hours that we traditionally use on Monday, and instead use three of them on Friday or Saturday, and use the other six hours on Sunday afternoon. Memorial Day Monday would become a quiet day.
Second, regarding Music Mountain... We love Music Mountain. Their cultural contribution to the area over the past 87 years is unequalled and unquestioned; the last thing Lime Rock wants to do is harm Music Mountain.
So with respect to the one Sunday afternoon (of the two we are asking for) in the season that Music Mountain conducts its concerts, we would request a change of the start time of that one concert to 6:00 p.m.
Lime Rock would pay Music Mountain the difference in revenue if it suffered decreased sales for that concert due to the change of that start time. Lime Rock would also be happy help promote their new Saturday evening jazz concerts.

Skip Barber
Lime Rock Park
Lakeville, Conn.