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What are you reading?

Reid’s Book Club is reading The Year Of Lear by Columbia professor James Shapiro, a Shakespeare specialist.  It looks at Lear from the point of view of the historical events—the transition from Elizabeth to James I; the growing intolerance of the Protestant rulers to Catholicism; the Gun Powder plot; the role of Shakespeare’s company becoming the King’s Players with regular performances put on at the royal palace; the plague, which delayed the King’s entry into London, and the background issue:  Who is sovereign, the King or the people?  Shapiro uncovers th

Christmas Soundscape

Singing in All Saints Chapel on Friday night: bass Craig Philips, tenor John Calidicot, counter-tenor Geoffrey Williams, and baritone Christopher Dylan Herbert. Photo by Douglas Grandgeorge.

On Friday night with the temperature hovering at 37 degrees, the Pawling Concert Series featured New York Polyphony, four handsome men singing Christmas four-part harmonies in All Saints Chapel at Trinity-Pawling School campus. This program of accomplished singers, who have performed in England and Europe, highlighted early Renaissance as well as contemporary arrangements. The songs selected were in Latin and English, rather narrowly focused on the Roman Catholic and Episcopal tradition. They often sing at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The Consort of Ladies

In 1580, in Ferrara, Italy, the Concerto delle Donne performed formal concerts
for members of the inner circle of the Ferrara court,
revolutionizing the role of women.
Feb.16: Saint James Place, Great Barrington, 6 pm
Feb. 17: Trinity Church, Lakeville, 4 pm

$8.5 Mil Capital Improvement Project for Webutuck School

December 1, 2016---Millions of dollars of repairs and improvements to the Webutuck Middle and High Schools were pitched to the public by the district’s superintendent, Ray Castellani at the Amenia Town Board’s workshop meeting.  

“These are needs-based improvements such as the vital replacement of the Middle and High School septic fields, the replacement of a 40 year-old boiler, upgrades to the security and technology systems,” explained Mr. Castellani.

Smaller more energy efficient boilers will save up to 85% in oil costs, he explained.

Kent Hollow Mining Application Withdrawn….for now

Kent Hollow Inc. has withdrawn their application for a sand and gravel mine, temporarily.  They will be resubmitting their application in February.  A previous application in 2012 was withdrawn in 2012 due to an uproar from neighbors and subsequent legal action from the town.  The proposed mine is not an allowed use since it is zoned residential and agricultural.  It is not in the Soil Mining Overlay District, which is required by the Town of Amenia for mining ventures.

Amenia News Brief

An application to re-open the gravel mine at lower end of the Oblong Valley has been filed with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The DEC has given notice that the application is complete.  The town and neighbors of the Kent Hollow Mine were taken by surprise.  They were unawares that the mining company had renewed its application.  The DEC issued a Negative Dec on a prior application in 2012, but after a public outcry, and subsequent legal action, the application was withdrawn. 


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