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by Tonia Shoumatoff and Stephen Kaye
Wed Oct 19th, 2016

The 178 mile Pilgrim Pipeline that is beginning the process of environmental review has stirred up a hornets nest of opposition for the thirty towns through which the pipeline will run. The scoping process, the first step in what promises to be a contentious battle, is about...

Music review
by Kevin T. McEneaney in Arts & Music

by Antonia Shoumatoff in News

by Stephen Kaye in News
Thu Oct 20th, 2016

Music preview
by Kevin T. McEneaney in Arts & Music
Thu Oct 20th, 2016

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October 19, 2016

"Bomb Trains" have caused deadly accidents. There is an application to build a Gas pipeline along the Hudson. Persons in Rosendale have filed documents opposing the construction.

Sam Posey is an artist who is a former racing car driver. He has a show at the Ober Gallery. In th epast he has been painting barnyard scenes. His wife is working on the nation's largerst Workers...

East Clinton Fire District election

Vote in the Tuesday December 6 East Clinton Fire District election for Macy Sherow for ECFD Treasurer and Bob Trzcinski for ECFD Commissioner

Macy and Bob will objectively advocate for the interests of the 700 homeowners in the troubled East Clinton Fire District as they strive to bring reform and restore transparency to the ECFD. 

Macy Sherow is a member of the Town of Clinton Zoning Board of Appeals. His family goes back generations in this area.

Bob Trzcinski is retired from IBM.  A licensed commercial pilot, Bob is a former volunteer firefighter.


All registered voters residing in the East Clinton Fire District can vote in the ECFD Election

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