Editorial Page

by Kevin McEneaney
  To the editor,       I am a senior at Suffield Academy and a resident of Millbrook. These are my thoughts on North Korea.      
  I’m not the only one.  There are many others who can’t remember what their wives told them to fetch at the market once they are there standing in the aisles.  The agonizing moment when you know there was something else. That’s why we all have cell phones.  Of course, that’s...
  Book review   The Broken Road, by Patrick Leigh Fermor, edited by Colin Thubron and Artemis Cooper (New York Review Books 2014.)      
  Is it the nature of our politics that the “other side” can never be right?  We are seeing the inability of the “other side” to see the light because “seeing the light” implies that it could be wrong, and that is something neither party would ever admit to being.  
  It is widely thought that the way America will respond to the threats of global warming is through voluntary action by private enterprise and not by government action. Indeed, there are rays of hope. The adoption of LED bulbs will reduce energy use by a serious percentage. That is one way...
  In public and private meetings on power lines and related subjects, the term “energy czar” crops up.  Who is this person who is alleged to have power over this highly controversial topic?  
  Electric consumers in the Hudson Valley may be only dimly aware that their electric bills are about to go up by six percent for residential customers and ten percent for industrial customers. The first increase will be on the bills that go out this month; the full effect will come in June...
  The fate of the Bennett property has hung like a dark cloud over Millbrook for over three decades.  The Village and Town will look upon the acquisition of the Bennett property with relief; a huge burden has been taken off their shoulders.