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When life

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Mon Jun 19th, 2017

When life is raindrops on slate steps

Petals falling from sunflowers

Dawn rising east with rosy hue

Urge to make love half awake

Bathrobe close to skin

Baby rollicking rattling in crib

Washing up at small sink

Changing diaper with tickles

Pleasure of breakfast routine

Circle dancing dizzy with babe

Soft song of chirpy birdsong

Smell of slightly burnt toast

Coffee tingling tongue

Mewling cats to feed

Sway of tree branch in breeze

Barefoot on withering lawn

Stone underfoot like a thimble

Quick piss back of the house

Leaves crinkling underfoot

Boosting baby on shoulders

Quick tour of fading flowers

Slight drizzle falling on skin

Slicing and skinning apple

When you know for sure

The bounteous day bursting

Has just begun to move

Toward that marvelous when

When verbs open the aura

Of aural possibility’s Ha!