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What's In / What'sOut

Translational Ecology
by Bill Schlesinger
Wed Jan 1st, 2020

What’s Out                                                            What’s In


Peer Review                                           Executive Decree

Exxon Mobil                                           Greta Thunberg

Clean Water                                           Coal-ash Leaching

Hurricane Models                                 Black Sharpies

Chinook Salmon                                   Pebble Creek Mining

Bear’s Ears                                               Bold-face Lies

Cars in New York City                      Gondolas in Miami

Cigarette Smoke                                  Air Pollution

An Inconvenient Truth                    A Hoax

California Dreamin’                           Wildfires

Right Whales                                        Seismic Testing

Murray Coal                                          First Solar

Migratory Birds                                  Birdies

Glyphosate                                           Regenerative Farming

Liberal Conservation                        Conservative Exploitation

Habitat Connectivity                       Border Walls

French Wine                                         Scandinavian Wines

Arctic tundra                                       Oil Leasing

Breast feeding                                     Veganism

Clean Power Plan                              Carbon Sequestration