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What's In / What's Out

Translational Ecololgy
by Bill Schlesinger
Tue Jan 1st, 2019

Every year the Washington Post publishes a list of “What’s Out and What’s In” for Washington, D.C. On New Year’s Day, we always spend a few minutes with friends trying to guess “What’s In.” I thought it might be fun to do the same for environmental science and policy, even though this list of about 20 is rather depressing.



What’s Out                                                            What’s In






Precautionary Principle                                  Risk



Endangered Species                                         Trophy Hunting



Forest Fires                                                           Raking the forests



Air Pollution Controls                                     Premature Death



Carbon Taxes                                                       Budget Deficits



Native Wildlife                                                    Feral Cats



Climate Change                                                  It could change back



Bear’s Ears                                                            Coal Mines



Renewable Energy                                            Natural Climate Solutions



Carbon Dioxide                                                  Methane



Pastafarianism                                                    Creationism



Clean Water                                                        Developing Wetlands



Marine Protected Areas                                Fisheries Depletion



The  Paris Accord                                             America will have a great climate



Deliberative  Discourse                                 The Wall



Ducks Unlimited                                                Unlimited AR-15s



Mass Transit                                                        Parking Decks



Sea-level Rise                                                      Houses on Stilts



Epidemiology Studies                                     Strengthening Transparency



Pollinators                                                             GMO Crops



Windmills                                                              Off-shore Oil



Fuel-efficiency standards                            Big Beautiful Cars



Peer Review                                                        Alternative Facts