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Unwanted Guests and Debts

Tue Apr 12th, 2016

no one dies here they are still standing

on the street their hollow knees limp

arms they never leave move nowhere

as if halted one step back is their


measure and their shadow's range shorter every

morning narrowing until the dusk behind yet

another corner maybe I'd want to approach them

in the midday as if in passing and ask why


are you standing bread is not in my hands the only

reality is like fish scales you waded over

and the silence in which you staggered and cleared

your throat as if death was choking you although


you knew no one would take the gifts that

once made you to gather in a circle 

later on I dried my hands and let the water

run because the tap was dripping all night long


This poem is the title poem of a new book, translated by the author, from Split, Croatia.

The book is published by Meandar Media in Zagreb.