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Trump birdies the 18th at Winged Foot; beats Alex Shoumatoff

by Stephen Kaye
Tue Dec 15th, 2015

photo by Jonas Karlsson

A non-exclusive special of The Millbrook Independent

Alex Shoumatoff, brother of our own Tonia Shoumatoff, played a round with candidate Trump long before he was a candidate.  It was back in 2008 when Donald was busy making golf courses.  It seems Donald Trump is a good golfer.  He shot a 71 at Winged Foot which is considered a difficult course.  Vanity Fair, May 2008  That is not a score to sneer at.  It deserves more attention in the press.  It will appeal to many of our golfing friends who will be pleased to know that a presidential candidate can acquit himself with distinction on the golf courses of the world.  Just think about Trump and Putin putting on the greensword of Putin’s private putting green, trading Ukraine for a birdie and Syria for two strokes. Russia needs more golf courses to divert the agitating population and Trump is just the man to supply them.  What a deal!

This is an aspect of presidential potential that deserves more publicity. Trump, the builder of golf courses.  A better export than F-135’s and so much more useful.  Trump is just the guy to get the Big Eight out of those stuffy meetings and out in the sunshine of one of his courses where he can give instruction on the tilt of the greens – Left or Right – and conquer all.  Remember how Eisenhower became one of America’s best presidents by spending every afternoon on the course? Relaxed, and happy, he made America relaxed and happy, even when screwing up in the Mid-East.          

So there is good precedent for a golfing president.  And if he is out on the 12th  hole he is far from the press and far from Congress where he can do little harm.