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Town of Washington votes

by Stephen Kaye
Wed Nov 9th, 2016

Millbrook (the Town of Washington) voted Republican, which was no surprise.  It normally does.  But it did vote for Senator Schumer, a Democrat, which is a surprise. 

TOW voted for John Faso(R)  over Zephyr Teachout(D) ; for NY State Senator Serino(R) over Terry Gipson(D), for Assemblyman Lalor(R) over Tores(D).  

In the local races, Mike Murphy won his town board seat in a quiet race with Tom Hurley.  Bob Herzog and Joseph Rochfort both won Village Trustee seats. 

According to a report furnished us by Peter Devers, 1961 voters arrived at the polls of the 2925 registered;  67 percent of the enrolled voters voted in the Firehouse; others may have voted by absentee ballot, military ballot or affidavit ballot.  The judges all won.  They were unopposed.

Here are the numbers: 


Hillary Clinton  (D)  882

Donald Trump (R)    945

Jill Stein (Green Party)  27

Gary Johnson (Independence & Libertarian) 60

Write-in votes:               18

(29 people did not vote for any candidate)


US Senator

Charles Schumer  (D)  1005

Wendy Long (R)   817

Rubin Wilson (Green)   18

Alex Merced (Libertarian)  15


19th Congresional

Zephyr Teachout  (D)  883

Anthony Faso (R)    941

Write-in votes  1


41st Senatorial

Terry Gipson  (D)  785

Sue Serino   (R)  1071

Write-in vote   1


105th Assembly

Kieran Michael Lalor   (R)   1011

Joseph Torres   (D) 739


Town Board - Unexpired term

Thomas Hurley  (D)  715

Michael Murphy  (R)  1079


Millbrook Mayor

Rodney Brown 437  (R) (ran unopposed)

Write-in votes  5


Millbrook Village Trustee - unexpired term

Brian Hicks  (R)  436 (ran unopposed)


Village Trustee - full term, two positions open)

Timothy Collopy  (Dem)  265

Robert Herzog    (Dem) 399

Joseph Rochfort (R)  358