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The Touch

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Tue Feb 5th, 2019

It was lightly snowing large, irregular flakes,

but between the drifting flakes a cold rain

pattered on the almost-green grass

as sunshine glanced to the side

of a dark, blue, passing cloud.


Wind huffed mightily

as I wanted to say something

startling or exciting, yet the wind

held the stage as I offered outstretched

my empty palms

to pay homage to the seasonal mix.


Anticipation of spring

can be marvelously maddening,

and a quick glance about the disordered garden

conjures up images of hard work,


Digging remains more satisfying

than the idle frustrations of winter.


Even a four-year-old yearns to build,

with fertile imagination,

with hands on wood or stone.