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TMI Retires – A parting word

Wed Dec 21st, 2016

Photo by Carola Lott

When the Millbrook Independent first appeared in March 2009, we ran a picture of Halcyon Hall, the signature building of Bennett College on our front page.  It was then well along in its process of decay.  Today, we run a picture of the same building in its present state of advanced decay to show continuity, and to bring the news cycle full circle.  

This will be our last month as a news organ. Our experiment in local journalism is coming to an end with the close of this year.  We are retiring.  

We salute all those who have been a part of this journalistic voyage, our writers, photographers, our printers, our advertisers and our readers.  We pay special thanks to Walter Wilkinson who was responsible for the look of our website and its functioning.  He labors in distant Wyoming but has learned about our towns and villages and feels part of our community. 

We refer you to our editorial on the inner pages for a more detailed discussion on our closing and what may evolve.