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Like a snowflake

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Tue Dec 13th, 2016

            Snowflakes dither in ambivalent air,

            blowing here and there, every-which-way, float-

            ing like paper and melting on eyelids,

            nestling on my white hair and silver nose,

            making me look like a vagrant snowman

            who wanders in dreams of stippled birches!

            Is this the right way to begin the year?

            Blanketed in white, shoveling the walk?

            Lolling under lacework of a snowflake?

            On my tongue swift chemical translation

            tells me water from the heavens blesses

            both me and these rollicking hills.

            Wishing all piney peace and pell-mell laughter

            as the New Year descends like a snowflake....