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Silo Ridge ready to build

by Antonia Shoumatoff
Sun Mar 6th, 2016

Old view of  Silo Ridge, Amenia NY

Pedro Torres of Silo Ridge told the Amenia Town Board Thursday, March 3, that he now has all permits [NYSDEC, DCDOH, NYSDOH and NYSDOT among others] and has all approvals from the town.  The project is now ready for construction and will start shortly.

“We have now met all of the conditions set forth in the approvals which included permits.  Now that we have satisfied the conditions of the approvals, we can begin construction of the project which will start with the public overlook and thereafter the construction of several of the amenity buildings,” Mr. Torres told us in an email. 

He also stated that he will have completed all his easements by next week and that the open space easement with the North American Land Trust is underway.  He explained that the brooks and wetlands need to have more cautious easements but that the golf course and utilities areas are completed.  The open space will be a total of 535 acres. 

“Regarding the conservation easements, they are currently under review by the planning board and we hope to have these completed by next week. Once that review is completed they need to be submitted to the Town Board for their review and approval. The easements will be broken down into two easements. One, the Natural Areas Easement, which will be much more restrictive, and one for the Golf Course open space which will allow for such use. Once the easements are completed and approved, we would then be in a position to file and record the subdivision plat with the county.”

In other town business, Victoria Perotti said the town’s attorney, David Everett,  is negotiating to acquire, on behalf of the town, state lands on the Taconic DDSO property to use for the highway garage.   Under the Public Lands Law,  the state is authorized to convey lands not needed by the DDSO to the town for highway purposes. As the DDSO is mostly closed down, there is ample land that could be conveyed to the town. 

Mike Delango talked about reaching a compromise with the Bufalmante family on its composting application that had been turned down by the board.  He said they were suggesting a tryout period of a small scale opertion to show how the operation would work.   

An individual from Dover Plains spoke and said he was not pleased that the Bufalmante’s composting new proposal was being considered by the town.  He said he wanted the town to stick behind their decision to uphold their zoning and deny the application. 

Sharon Kroeger thanked the board for the hard work at the last meeting and decision not to approve the composting proposal.  “This aquifer is unique and a future proposal should not be considered, even if it is a small proposal.”  

Supervisor Perotti said she the ambulance committee met with the Mobile Light ambulance service provider.  She said the town is in the information gathering mode. and is trying to put the numbers together before deciding if they want to create an ambulance district or go with another another model.  “We are trying to get all the information so we can make an informed decision.”