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Shunpike Dairy featured in Boating Mag

by Stephen Kaye
Thu Oct 20th, 2016

Liz Baldwin’s Shunpike Dairy was the subject of an article in Boating on the Hudson and Beyond by Ivey Levy who writes a column called Ivey’s in my Kitchen.  The column is about cheesecake, but in the ingredients side she features our own Shunpike Dairy and its unpastured milk and cheese.  She calls the milk “the most delicious raw milk in the world”.  Ivey, it turns out, is a regular customer.  She recently discovered Tuition Cheese, which is new to the Baldwin product line described as a creamier, fresher ricotta cheese.  It made a big impact on Ivey who says it changed the way she makes cheesecake. 

We can’t comment on the cheesecake.  But if you want the recipe, contact Ivey.

The Shunpike Dairy’s raw milk is sold only at the farm which is at the intersection of the Shunpike and Route 44.  It’s a self-help operation.  You don’t have to milk a cow, but you should have your own bottle or container. You turn a spigot and out comes the milk. Then you put your money in a jar.  A fridge holds cheese, eggs, frozen grass-fed meat and a small supply of Alaskan smoked salmon brought back from a trip to that state where one part of the Baldwin family is in residence.