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Senior Moments

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Mon Jun 6th, 2016

Senior Moments

                for Cherry

You forget the name of a character in a Trollope novel

but that’s understandable.

You forget the name of the company that provides your electricity

and that’s disturbing.

You forget the name of a street that’s familiar to you

and you can’t forgive yourself.


You can’t remember where you put the good hammer

but you remember a week later.

You can’t remember the name of the store where you bought paint

but that solution arrives five minutes later.

You forget the name of a niece and it takes two days

before her name appears as certain as your own.


You can’t find your car keys yet they turn up an hour later

in the coat you first checked an hour ago.

You aren’t sure where you left your cell phone

but it turns up the house where you thought you left it.

You clearly recall many childhood incidents

better than the previous week of your life.


You better understand why toddlers are confused.

You still feel quite sane when you sit down to read the News.