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The School Board Candidates for the Millbrook Central School District

by Stephen Kaye
Fri May 13th, 2016

There are four candidates for three positions.  Two candidates are running for a second term, Paul Tobin and Deidre Houston. 

Howard Shapiro has a child in the sixth grade, has lived here 30 years, has attended meetings of the board, has a master’s degree in counseling, and seeks the best education possible within a disciplined budget.  He believes in creative and common sense solutions.  He is a property owner. 

Perry Hartswick is a consultant for IBM as a distinguished engineer.  He is the father of two Millbrook High School graduates.  Two of his grandchildren are current students.  He said he owes a great debt of gratitude for what the school did for his children both of whom went on to do well in college.  His daughter teaches in the school.  He has a positive attitude toward the school, but a less than positive view of Common Core.  He expressed concern for those students who will not go to college saying they deserve the same level of attention and care to equip them with the tools to survive on a changing world.  He believes the system can change.    

Paul Tobin is a parent of a student in Millbrook, and the principal of an elementary-middle school in the Greenburgh-Graham Union district. He has 26 years of experience as a teacher and as an administrator. Tobin was a principal in Dutchess County for ten years before becoming an adjunct professor at a College of Saint Rose satellite location in Westchester County, where he teaches courses to teachers seeking certification as instructors or administrators. The program is part of CITE (Center for Integrated Teacher Education). 

Deidre Houston was elected in 2015 with the most votes of any candidate. She owns and runs Millbrook Floral Design. She has been involved in the school district as a parent of two daughters, both of whom are now in college.  She is a member of the Millbrook Arts Group and was formally on the Citizens Advisory Committee and the Millbrook Educational Foundation. She has lived in Millbrook since 1999.