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the road to Damascus

Wed May 4th, 2016

the road to Damascus


Shadows fall over the city     as empires

have fallen     The ancient walls hold their history

with unsteady grace  

            as the still night carries a dry-throated threat


We were almost holy     and yet     too many miles

or dim millennia away     Today

another war     Tomorrow     another     the same

The girl in the gutter is weary and waiting for some


blinding change     for loaves     and love

and tongues of flame     for the revelation that is not

at all like a car bomb    except

that nothing can ever be the same


moonlight falls like raindrops in the small roofless room    

     the soul     flailing faithful through the dark


Michaela Coplen is a sophomore at Vassar College where she is editor of the Vassar Review, Vassar's literary magazine. Copyright Michaela Coplen.