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Presidential Primary: The votes

by Stephen Kaye
Thu Apr 21st, 2016

The 19th Congressional District (that’s our district) favored Bernie Sanders by a 9.4% margin; he had a 168 vote lead in the 18th CD.  On the Republican side, Kasich came in a distant second, but far ahead of the other two. The Democrats fielded 22,864 in the two districts, while the Republican turnout was 19,788. In our 19th, Trump got more votes than Mme Clinton; in the 18th Clinton collected 21 more votes than Trump. 

Statewide, the numbers are different. Mrs. Clinton won by a 5.98 % margin with 1,057,347 votes; Trump won by a greater percent margin with 528,792 votes.

There are 5.2 million enrolled Democrats and 2.6 million enrolled Republicans.  Only voters enrolled by a party could vote in the primary.  Both parties got out 34% of their registered voters.