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Praying for Peace in the US

Webcast at the World Peace Sanctuary, Amenia
by Antonia Shoumatoff
Wed Oct 26th, 2016

Fidel Moreno, coming from Standing Rock, honors the native ancestors of the U.S., with Fumi Johns, President, World Peace Prayer Society

Friends of peace joined in heartfelt prayers with online viewers on October 22 to uplift the heart and soul of America by calling for peace to prevail in each of the 50 US States. “The program began by honoring the ancestors of the indigenous peoples of the land asking for their wisdom and guidance for a conscious evolution of our country,” explained Fumi Johns, President of the World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS).

Jules Lamore who is in charge of social media for the non-profit told us: “We have had over 1,000 participants during our prayers for the USA which we began holding monthly in July.  Originally, we thought our viewers would be mostly residents of America, but have found that people as far as Australia and Asia have been joining us as well as those in the Middle East and South America.  The USA is very special to the world right now, because of our political climate.  We must all pray for peace to prevail all over the world and it is beautiful the world is praying for peace to prevail in the USA.  We have recorded our webinars and they available on our YouTube channel.  

“We utilize video-streaming through the Zoom platform which allows us to broadcast from various locations and share the message of peace with the world.  Since beginning our Prayers for USA webinar series, we have had hundreds of viewers from every continent on the planet.”

The World Peace Prayer Society, with its focus on prayer since 1988, has been a leader in offering a vision a hope for peace which everyone can join, explained Deborah Moldow, the group’s U.N. Representative. “At a time when our media and our minds are filled with the negativity generated by our current elections, we can all lift our hearts with the prayer, ‘May Peace Prevail in the United States of America.’”

“True prayer is an act of love,” Fumi Johns continued,” The issues we face as a country and as a world are so much more complicated and concerning than ever before.  No matter where our alignment lies, our true inborn nature is to care about each other, and to live in harmony with all living things.  We have been hosting Prayers for USA to activate and awaken the heart of love and compassion which lives deep in the soul of America—the heart and soul that transcends our differences and embraces the spirit of fraternity which founded America.”

We spoke to Patrick Dunn, an ex-Marine, who travelled from Western Massachusetts to attend the prayer ceremony. He spoke of the senselessness of war: “Children, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers are dying in conflicts that are not ours. This affects all. When a small minority can bring so much sadness and hate to a majority. Imagine the possibilities that this majority when fully awakened and united people can bring to the world.”

His friend, Genivier Dedam, echoed the sentiment: “If ever there was a time for world peace prayers it would be now. Bio-regional groups that think globally and act locally like the World Peace Prayer Society are just what we need more of. They are one of blessed catalysts right here in Amenia, New York.”