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The Pleasures of Being Lost

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Mon Apr 10th, 2017

If you don’t have an appointment,

getting lost is the most under-rated

experience you may have in life.


If walking, one can observe

a variety of foliage, stones, and clouds;

if traveling by auto, hills, lakes, and ponds

offer perspectives never seen before;

if bicycling, the same may be said,

although it’s easier to ask directions

from people adjacent to the road.


To be lost in deep wood without phone

or any computational gadget

remains a most satisfying achievement,

for one can more closely examine

an occasional wild flower or variation

of tree bark, coruscations on stone,

run fingers over a bed of moss,

rub your nose in the moss,

as you lose all memory

of bills paid and unpaid.


What a delight to be out-of-the-box

of your life and be a new-born nobody

looking for something around a bend.

There’s pleasure in surprise expectation,

yet when lost one has few expectations.


The secret of being happily lost

is merely to live the moment,

taking things as they come.

As long as you are not lost by sunset,

then you’ve had a memorable treat

outside the ordinary grind.