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Fri Mar 18th, 2016
What are they there for
What’s their purpose
Elevated there in the galaxy, looking beautiful
All those planets
No life on them
I am perplexed by the things that don’t explain purpose
Stars are beautiful, but why
Planets are many, but why
A whole solar system of unexplained things
And maybe it’s simple
It’s simply for their beauty
Or maybe it’s much harder than that
And our minds are too simple to comprehend
The vast galaxy that elevates above us
Maybe we, this thing we call ourselves, humans, aren’t meant to know
Maybe the far, far future will 
I look up and see the beauty of all the stars twinkling
And I wish with my naked eye I could see passed them and stare at the planets
Walk the rings around Saturn
Wish on Mars’ two moons
While resting in Mercury’s craters
I have always been fascinated by the things above me
While the things at eye level seem to bore me quickly
I am a poet of the night sky
A dreamer of a grander world
A believer of purpose above this Earth
The daughter of a grand Creator
So I know there’s more
I know there’s purpose far from here
I know things are not simple
I know that maybe I’ll never get to know
But for now, my curiosity is enough
It keeps the hope alive
That one day we’ll know
That the planets will have a chance to explain their purpose
And maybe, just maybe they’ll have life too