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Perdenales, Esmeraldes Today

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Sun Apr 17th, 2016

When earth shakes like a rattle in child’s hand,

our knees absorb the fury of earthquake.

Run out to street, the open air saves!

When hillsides of stone fall, run to the sky!

Our earth is a mysterious garden

that rides the tectonic plates of ocean.

We live on a fertile, floating island

under the whim of wandering white clouds.


Those buried under bridges, rocks, houses,

have their lives abridged unexpectedly.

The specter of death, fire, disaster

looms as the great nightmare of humankind.

Such moments demand kindness, charity,

even tears of tremendous energy.


(The coastal 7.8 magnitude earthquake

in Ecuador has killed 400 to 500 people

and severely destroyed infrastructure.

Over 2,500 people have been injured.)