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NY Times covers the Faso-Teachout race

by Stephen Kaye
Tue Oct 4th, 2016

The race for the 19th Congressional District was given extensive coverage in the October 4th issue of the NY Times which headlined it a “Marquee Race” in the print edition and “a Classic Boxer’s Match” on line.  William Neuman called it a close race based on the latest polls that show Faso with 43 percent and Teachout with 42 percent with a 3.8 percent margin of error.

Neuman quotes Bernie Sanders, who appeared at a New Paltz rally with Zephyr Teachout that drew a crowd of a thousand. Sanders said “This race is one of the most important congressional races in America because the choices are so clear.”  

Faso is a traditional local political figure with a strong conservative record while Teachout is a newcomer with little political experience but a strong liberal bent that is close to Sanders. 

Neuman cited the registration statistics that show almost an equal division between registered Republicans and Democrats.   The deciding vote will be cast by independents. 

Neuman reports that Faso has said he will support the national ticket but has not said he will vote for Trump with whom he differs on important issues. 

The article can be found here