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On the NY Primary April 19

Mon Apr 11th, 2016

To the Editor:

New York Republicans have a rare opportunity in the April 19 Presidential Primary to influence the course of history. This opportunity carries with it a responsibility to choose among the Presidential candidates wisely.

There are big differences between the candidates, not only in personality, background, experience and style, but more importantly in terms of their commitment to the principles and values that our nation was built on. These principles and values are enshrined in a Constitutional framework that was designed to protect God-given rights and freedom from the potential tyranny of government. Many of us believe that our nation has strayed from these principles and values, particularly in the past few years, and the results have not been pretty. We have a fighting chance to change that this year, and it starts on April 19. 

There has been a steady erosion of the protections of our Constitutional framework, stretching back a century or more, but that erosion has recently accelerated, to the point where the notion of limited government now seems almost a relic of a distant past. This may seem abstract and academic to some, but we are now seeing more clearly the practical dangers of a government that has seemingly outgrown the protections of the Constitution, dangers such as the constant intrusion of government into the daily lives of families and businesses, and more recently the lawless arrogance of a President who feels entitled to govern free of Constitutional limits.

Is it any wonder that government bureaucracy is the leading growth industry in the US?

The cure for what ails America is not simply a new President or a government with different policies, but rather a President committed to less government. Only a government that is limited can truly be “of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Please vote on April 19 for the candidate you think is most likely to be guided by the wisdom of our great nation’s founding principles.