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No Foreign Entanglements

About our illusions
by Stephen Kaye
Sun Oct 18th, 2015

Foreign entanglements? Who, us? We have them? I thought we weren't supposed to.

We didn't do too badly on the entanglements business until after WWII when we went around assuring all kinds of countries all kinds of things which cost us a lot of money and kept the armaments companies busy.Today we are deeply, disastrously, hopelessly entangled. Our friends bomb our friends. For a cogent reprise and analysis of our position in the Mideast we turn to one of our favorite sources of enlightenment, tomdispatch.

The Stranger by Camus was written when people were thinking about the end of time, of a society that has abandoned God and morals and were adrift. The loss of humanity in a cruel world questions our beliefs in systems and in ourselves as human beings. Perhaps we are no more than another “species” doomed to extinction. Some small part of us still believes that we are made in God’s image and that we have achieved some degree of biological if not moral perfection. Belief is always comforting, unless, of course, we believe the more dire predictions based on scientific evidence that is piling up as we watch.

Our foreign entanglements give us the illusion of doing something about the nether parts of the world when we should be looking more carefully at what we are doing in our own land and to our own future. We are learning, for instance that our future is neither in Ford or Exxon but in clean energy and clean skies, but we have not figured out how to get there.