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News from Genova

by Stephen Kaye
Sun Sep 25th, 2016

The artists referred to their Roman antecedents as a sign that the rulers were the inheritors of a noble and just tradition that was also pleasing to the eye. Was this also a fashion statement?



Photos from Italy by Stephen Kaye

We ran into Marie Antoinette's brother Joseph (Joseph II) whose hat caused a stir at the Court in Genova. He certainly evokes an imperial look befitting a Holy Roman Emperor. He won the title of best dressed at Genova in our survey. He was a patron of Mozart:



The news here is astonishing frieze at the Palace Reale where they danced long into the centuries.


This unlikely couple sent tongues wagging and experts gagging while the band played on and the centuries rolled by.


The palaces of Genova excel in their Baroque decoration, richly carved and painted halls that have been admired for over three centuries.


The ladies at the court in Genova feigned modesty that that grew in conviction with centuries of practice.