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News Flash! New faces in the race

by Stephen Kaye
Mon May 30th, 2016

William Weld

The Libertarian party is offering voters a third party ticket led by two former governors.

At the Libertarian Party Convention that would up on Sunday, Gary Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico and Bill Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts were picked to run in the national election.   Johnson, who is in his second presidential race,  has run a construction company that he started from scratch, and a state government.  His biggest accomplishment: he cut the budget so it balanced and ended his two terms in office with a comfortable surplus. 

Bill Weld, Johnson’s pick as his vice-presidential running mate, is a New Yorker known to many here in the Hudson Valley.  He is considered a moderate as compared to the more vocal libertarians.  

Johnson has spoken out against foreign interventions, wasteful spending and deficits.  He supports a workable immigration policy free of political rhetoric.  He may sound like Ross Perot (who polled 19 percent of the vote) but times are different.   Weld has been a strong supporter of the freedom to choose for women.

Johnson’s website is: .   Weld’s background can be found at - /media/File:WilliamWeld.jpg

Most people know little of the Libertarian Party.  Although Bill Buckley considered himself libertarian, he preferred the Conservative label.   Libertarians say that government should not govern where it is not needed.  It presumes the individual knows best.  Libertarians are against gun laws, not because of the NRA, but because they think individual liberty includes the right to own and use a gun. 

Cato is one of the leading libertarian think tanks.

We will be hearing more about Libertarians and the Libertarian ticket in the next few weeks.