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New faces at the Millbrook Farmers Market

Sun Jun 19th, 2016

A booth bearing the name Rock Steady Farm manned by a cheery Angela DeFelice and offering the freshest of greens, veggies and herbs turns out to be an offshoot of the famous Andy Szymanowicz of Sol Flower Farm.  They have great bunches of flowers, more than enough to fill your front hall with fragrant sprays. 

Angie and two colleagues, Maggie Cheney and D Rooney, have taken over the Watershed Center portion of the Sol Flower Farm operation while Andy retains the shop and some of the fields at Silamar Farm on Route 22.  They use organic standards, lots of composted manure, but are not certified.  They have a CSA and do a wholesale business through connections in Great Barrington and Brooklyn. They also deliver to local restaurants.

The Bread Basket booth brimmed with crusty breads and to our delight, plain scones.  Now plain scones are not only much sought after but are acknowledged by scone experts as exceeding rare. But here they were offered with clotted cream, a specialty of Cornwall and Devonshire, and now the Millbrook Market.  The item that was flying off the shelf was a tasty tea cake called lardy, another specialty of the southern counties where Thomas Hardy and Jane Austin had their tea.  The bakers are Lou and Angela Jones of Elizaville.  Given the temptations of this booth, we may all be having tea with proper teacakes and clotted cream on a daily basis.     

Isabel’s Kitchen from Pine Plains had a booth with an offering of health-generating products that come with a program designed by Isabel Tonelli to cleanse and invigorate.  It’s hard to digest such a program during a market tour; her website provides an explanation.

Not new, but always worth mentioning, Ruth’s Southern Classic Desserts, manned by a family member, supplies the best Southern staples.  I chose a pecan pie and I have it for breakfast. You get a pie with a smile that can't be beat. Not anywhere. 

To recapitulate: the Millbrook Farmers’ Market offers the raw ingredients for every part of a meal, and the finished product for many meals.  You can find tastes from many places -  Indian/Trinadadian, Southern England, French pastries, Greek (olives, oil and rice pudding) and Italian sausages all come to mind.  You may find more if you shop the market as a regular.  It’s always rewarding.  Even if you’re vegan.          

Elizabeth Ryan, proprietor of Breezy Hill Orchard made one of her rare visits to the market last week.   She introduced us to Uri Pinelo who had just graduated from Albany Law School.  His mother, Angelica, has manned the Breezy Hill booth for years.  Elizabeth was realistic about this year’s fruit crop that is all but non-existent.    

Web link: Millbrook Farmers Market

Jorrocks, from the East End, appears in print from time to time. 

Originally posted 6-20-16; revised 6-26-16