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New barbershop opens in Sharon

by Stephen Kaye
Thu Mar 24th, 2016

Corey Smith 

Smitty’s Barbershop opened its doors last week, bringing an old fashioned barbershop and a youthful barber to Sharon. Smitty is Corey Smith and he comes with barbers and barbershops in his background. 

The shop itself is in an old building at 16 West Main Street in Sharon a few feet from the firehouse just west of the light.   The shop has been fitted with three chairs but only one barber at the moment. Corey told us he has his degree in barbering and he has undergone his initiation into barbering via an internship.  

He will employ all those features one remembers if one is old enough – hot towels, hot shaving soap and straight razors honed with a strop. He says he has a store of stories to keep customers amused. He has a winning smile and a handsome beard to show that he knows beard trimming.  He admitted to be good on advice on virtually any topic, but especially on how to choose barbering if you are a convivial soul and are dexterous with your hands.  

While Smitty is a walk-in barbershop and wants to keep it casual, you might want to check on his hours by calling 845-233-8484. Look for the barber pole on West Main in Sharon.