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That Mouth

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Wed Jul 12th, 2017

The Mouth who made America great again

denied all science, allowed lead in water,

permitted unlimited air pollution,

encouraged all bigots to feel mightier.


The Mouth that governed by signing directives,

making secret deals on his green golf courses,

sought to stuff his baggy pants through blackmail schemes

and tricky, shell, real-estate shenanigans.


The Mouth that was full of corrupt ambition

was governed by a colossal big brain

that wheezed like an out-of-tune accordion,

which made it apparent he was not quite sane.


The dendrites in His brain danced to a cleaved drum

stuck on the single false note of me, me, me.

The Mouth that wagged a gigantic serpent tongue

lectured he was the only man who could see.


That Big Mouth was a primitive, primal scream

of wealth, climaxing in wan nightmarish dream.

But what do you expect from the tv screen?

Or erratic, gas rhetoric so extreme?