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Fontaine Resigns, Silo Ridge Bond Resolutions Pass
by Antonia Shoumatoff
Sun Nov 6th, 2016

Norm Fontaine has resigned as chairman of the Amenia Planning Board after serving for three years.  It was Fontaine who oversaw the long process, stretching over two and a half years, by which Silo Ridge was eventually approved. Although there were many alterations from the original plan, most of these were initiated by the developer, Silo Ridge Ventures.   Fontaine was adept at keeping his board under his control and on a tight schedule.  He managed to head off dissident views, sidelining or ignoring the comments of the board’s own experts that might delay or pose serious problems.    

His resignation was announced at the Amenia Town Board meeting on Nov. 4.   Two seats on the planning board will have to be filled by appointments.  Other openings are on the Ethics Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals and Recreation Committee.  Applications for the positions can be sent in by November 10.  The Planning Board chair is a paid position.

Resolutions for performance bonds and licenses for two phases of Silo Ridge were presented by town attorney David Everett and subsequently approved by the board.  The Town's engineering firm, Soyka, will perform a review of the performance of each phase for the town.

The first phase entails a $1,901,610 bond, and includes the golf course and two neighborhood villa areas and their infrastructure.  The license agreement performance bond includes the waste water plant and related infrastructure and is in the amount of $7,783,737.00.  An affidavit from the engineering firm certifies that the bonding amount is adequate.