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Millbrook Library and Elections

Dear Editor,The Millbrook Library is one of the treasures of our community.  I find myself there at least once a week to borrow a requested book or DVD or attend one of the many events offered such as discussions on composting, cooking demonstrations, or author readings and workshops.I have taken for granted that the Library and its many services will always be there for me to enjoy and never wondered about its budget and funding resources.  

This Election Day the Millbrook Library is requesting an increase in the funding it currently receives from the Town of Washington. The library tax assessment will vary depending upon the value of each resident’s property.  My tax will increase by $48.52: a tiny fraction of what I would spend if I were to buy the books and DVDs that I now borrow. The Library is a resource that deserves our ongoing support both through tax dollars and our patronage of its various events.  I urge all Millbrook residents to vote YES on November 3 in support of an increase in public funding for the Millbrook Library.


Cathy Morrell