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Millbrook’s Ellie Savoy hits International Bestseller on Amazon

Millbrook’s Ellie Savoy has received international best seller status on Amazon for her first book, Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting, Starvation or Suffering in Silence.
The anti-dieting book has received 36 five star reviews on Amazon and is a top selling book on Amazon. The book was recently featured in Bloomberg Business for reaching a number one International Best Seller on Amazon in the United States, Australia and Germany. 
Savoy’s book was the result of her lifestyle change to live a healthy life without the constrictions of diets. 
Savoy was born in Gloucester, England. She moved to Millbrook in 1998 and married her husband Ralph. She became a licensed real estate agent and eventually opened her own business, Savoy Real Estate.  Savoy is an active member of the Millbrook Rotary. When Savoy saw her parents health deteriorate and had a scare with her own Savoy knew she had to take matters into her own hands. In 2011 Savoy was diagnosed with two uterine fibroids. 
“My parents had just died within 21 months of each other,” said Savoy. “My mother first but when my dad died I already started to shift but when I had my own personal diagnosis it made me look at my life.” 
The doctor gave her four options three including surgery and a hysterectomy the fourth to do nothing. Savoy decided to avoid surgery and start a homeopathic hormone rejuvenation program. Savoy ate organic foods and gave up alcohol as recommended. She continues to eat organic but now likes to enjoy a glass of wine ocassionally. Although she started to loose weight she fell into a cycle of obsessing over her next diet. Savoy decided that what she needed wasn’t to focus on her diet but to focus on her health.
 “The numbers on our blood report are more important then the numbers on our clothing size.” 
Savoy left the real estate business and decided to invest her life and career in holistic health.  She earned a certification from New York’s Institute for Integrated Nutrition and for the past three years has been working as a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach. 
Savoy offers her wisdom in Stop Dieting and Start Living, by breaking down the five P foundations for permanent weight loss: priorities, pretending, perception, plan and passion. She encourages people to make conscious changes yet take it one day at a time since the road to healthy living is a life long journey.  
“We are so good at not acknowledging ourselves," said Savoy. "Its all about taking baby steps, drinking enough water is a cause for celebration." 
Savoy’s book also made several No.1 Hot New release lists in several categories on Amazon. Since Stop Dieting and Start Living is self-published. Amazon makes copies based on demand.  The book can also be purchased at Merritt Bookstore, McEnroe Farm Market, Oblong Books in Millerton and Rhinebeck. There is also a copy at the Millbrook Free Library. 
"I found Ellie's book like having my very own personal coach with me,” said an Amazon reviewer. “I loved the way each section helped me understand my excuses and stumbling blocks without judgment and then offered simple positive action steps to move me through them. I believe Ellie's genuine passion and honest approach is what makes this book different from so many other "diet" books that I have read and is why I am finally succeeding at my goals".