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Millbook Literary Festival

by Stephen Kaye
Mon Apr 11th, 2016

The Millbrook Literary Festival is scheduled for May 21, a Saturday with a tradition of sunny weather and an outpouring of literary talents, readings, discussions and book signings by scores of writers, photographers and ghosts (we can’t overlook ghostwriters, can we?).  

Sam Falk, the chairperson, sent out a press release outlining how books and their authors will be divided into children’s books, young adult-middle grade, graphic novels, fiction and non-fiction.  Valerie Martin, who writes novels, will be on hand to discuss the goings on in her latest.  Jim DeFelice, who has written more than 50 books wrote American Sniper about Navy Seal Chris Kyle.  It was made into a movie.  His latest book is American Wife, and is co-authored by Chris Kyle’s widow. There will be a teen writing workshop and a graphic novel workshop with SUNY New Paltz Professor Pauline Uchmanowicz, Barbara Slate and Owen King, all specialists in the genre.  If you are thinking of writing a graphic novel (does one write a graphic novel? Is a graphic novel literature?), the Millbrook Lit Fest will be the place to be on May 21 when those and other questions will be answered.  

Unpublished writers can earn a prize for the best unpublished MS. Read the details to see if there is a word limit.  

More details are at their website.