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On the Mideast Quagmire

August 3, 2015
"The Mideast Quagmire" (editorial July 28) is on target with its observations on the noxious influence of Likud and other Israeli warmongers on the outcome of the draft agreement on Iranian nuclear issues with the United States and other important world powers. In evaluating the merits of this agreement, we Americans, sadly, are the victims of the Israeli propaganda machine and its echo chamber in the Republican Party, both of which whoop it up for war at every turn. They did so in 2003 in order to invade Iraq with the phony excuse of weapons of mass destruction, and they do so again. They prefer war to an agreement, to which the United States is only one of many signatories, that greatly curtails for many years work that would lead to a nuclear weapon on Iran's part. Nothing of course is said of the Israeli nuclear arsenal, which, like the crazy aunt in the attic, is not spoken about in polite society.
We Americans, who know so little of history, are quick to blame Iran for the enmity between our two countries, which has lasted far too long and which may well begin to give way with this agreement and the accompanying lifting of economic sanctions. Few of us know much if anything of the CIA's overthrow of the democratically elected prime minister Mosaddegh of Iran in 1953 or the vicious and bloodthirsty regime of the American-backed Shah, both of which have created deep resentment among the Iranian people to this day. Iranians also see an American nation that objects all too little to Israeli atrocities in Gaza and in the West Bank where the Israelis are the occupying power. Even our congressman, Chris Gibson, to judge by his latest letter to constituents asking them to opine on the agreement, seems blissfully ignorant of the issues at stake and of the role of Israeli propaganda in the upcoming Congressional vote on the draft agreement. I doubt more than a small majority of his constituents can locate Iran on a map, let along offer a cogent opinion on the agreement. That doesn't stop Gibson though. All he needs is abundant ignorance and Israeli propaganda on his side.
Walter Cadette
Millbrook, NY