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Marcia Slatkin’s Collages at Cooper Finn

"Photo-Fugues," an exhibition of some 30 prints of photo-collages by Marcia Slatkin can now be seen at the Cooper Finn Gallery on Front Street in Millbrook.
For many years Slatkin worked with black and white film, which she would process in her darkroom. Many of her images documented the lives of her daughters. Later, she worked with models trying she says, “to show similarities between our species and the natural world we’re part of: trunks and trunks, limbs and limbs, nests and nests.”
After she turned to digital photography, Slatkin’s search for ways to distinguish her work from that of other photographers led her to use her individual prints as raw material for collage. She prints her images in different sizes to create perspective then cuts them up (sometimes into as many as 25 pieces) before experimenting with their arrangement. When she is satisfied, she pastes the pieces onto a sheet of paper. Next she scans the collage, edits it with I-photo and has the results printed professionally. 
Collage by Marcia slatkin
Slatkin says she “shot what I found beautiful, and worked with my favorite prints using the principles of music,” isolating the motifs she found most interesting before using “repetition, inversion, transposition -- all fugal devices from the Baroque period in music.” 
Collage by Marcia Slatkin
Many of her images are composed from photographs taken during her travels. A series of six is devoted to Costa Rica. Others are from around Rhinebeck where she lives. I particularly liked her scenes of the natural world – fields, trees and rocks she has manipulated into abstract patterns. Her sheep and chickens are also delightful. 
The gallery is open Saturdays 12-5 pm.