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Lydia Musco’s “Stacked” sculptures at the Morrison

The first solo exhibition of a New England sculptor, Lydia Musco, is on exhibit at the Morrison Gallery in Kent, CT.

The exhibit, called “Stacked,” features large stacks of cast concrete tiles. The layers initially look more like felt than concrete and are literally stacked in layers of multiple colors and textures in variations that are unpredictable.

Musco explained that some of the inspiration for the work came out of a family project that involved detailed mapping of various old stone walls on her family’s country property in New England.

Musco says of her work: “This work is influenced by urban spaces and environments but is equally fed by a connection to the wooded landscapes I explored while growing up. Along with ideas of architecture and constructed space, certain elements of nature have become part of my visual vocabulary, such as sedimentary layers and the work of gravity and time.”

“Stack B” reminds us of two figures reaching out to each other which Musco says evolved out of stacking one side higher with a curve. She joined the two stacks to help them stand up without falling over, and the connection is not intentionally figurative.  In the “Hug” series the layers intermingle from one stack to another. 

Lydia Musco studied stone carving in Italy and developed her methods of casting concrete in thin, stackable layers as a graduate student. She has been the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, and an Edward F. Albee Fellowship, among others. She holds a BA from Bennington College and an MFA from Boston University. She is a Lecturer in Sculpture at Boston University. More of her work can be seen at:

The exhibit at the Morrison Gallery and will run through November 22.